Dec 10

Christmas is coming

The Christmas is coming and the year is ending, but so is this blog. I have realized the path I have chosen here – to cover mainly the coding side of the web, is not as fulfilling as I expected. Since I feel I have much wider spectrum of topics to share and contribute to, I will restart the blog and my website in general, but this time widening the focus (hopefully not getting too vague) and covering:

  • web and graphic design news, spiced with some HTML5 and Javascript coolness
  • personal portfolio – things I do for living but also things I do for fun (photography, web design, games and apps for mobile platforms)
  • in depth case studies of my photo, animation and design projects stirred up with useful tips and reviews of the tools I am using
  • (probably) some off-topic posts on inspiring and innovative approaches to technology, architecture and product design

So this is the last post to this blog but the new site should be up in a few weeks time. The new URL will be www.kristjansen.ee but the old one will be  active for some time as well. Hope you enjoyed the posts and see you soon! Meanwhile check out this HTML5 calendar :)

Sep 10

Link: why you don’t want to start another social site

  • Just 5% of Twitter users account for more than 75% of Twitter activity.
  • No one joins an empty network just for the hell of it.
  • If you’ve nothing to offer users other than blank input boxes, and the promise that they too can have a row in your database then you’re in trouble.

These are just a few thoughts before you start building your own shiny social site.

Read the full article here.

Sep 10

Thought on content and design

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.

- Jeffrey Zeldman

Sep 10

Books on iPhone user interface design

Just got my first reading on iPhone user interface design and usability topics. Will keep you updated on my progress and findings from these books. If you know any other useful literature on mobile platform design and usability, just let me know!

More about these three books:

Sep 10

{EST} Disainijuhtimise konverents “Nähtav ja nähtamatu disainjuhtimine”

Disainiöö raames toimub disainijuhtimise konverents Nähtav ja nähtamatu disainjuhtimine.

Sissejuhatus korraldajatelt: “Miks mõned ettevõtted on edukamad kui teised? Vastus on lihtne. Edukad ettevõtted oskavad kasutada disainmõtlemist kõigis oma tegevusvaldkondades. Nad loovad endale ise soovitud tuleviku.

Loov Eesti ja Eesti Disainerite Liit kutsuvad Sind 24. septembril algusega kell 10 Rotermanni Kvartalisse Tallinnas, kus räägime disainjuhtimisest kui praktilisest juhtimistööriistast ja selle rakendamisest. Toome Sinuni teoreetilisi arutlusi ja edulugusid Prantsusmaalt, Suurbritanniast, Soomest ja Eestist.”

Aug 10

Lanyrd – the social conference directory

Lanyrd.com is a directory of conferences focusing on web, UX and social media issues. Mostly targeted on audiences in Europe and Northern-America it helps you to find a conference by topic or location. It also has functionality for tracking ongoing conferences  or catching up on past events. A must bookmark for digital era creative professionals.

Aug 10

Music Video + Google Maps + HTML5 = Awesome

Check out this experimental video by Arcade Fire mixing up some nice browser technologies with music.


Read more about it here: http://www.chromeexperiments.com/arcadefire/

Aug 10

Is your browser friends with HTML5?

Want to know how well your browser supports HTML5 features? html5test.com helps you to find out.

Post your browser name and version with your score in the comments below!

Aug 10

Placeholders for your missing images

Every now and then you have a design that needs a placeholder for a banner or image. Placehold.it generates it for you in every imaginable size and colour.  The tool is also useful for measuring how large can an image or design be before it generates scrollbars in the browser window or simply helps you to visualise different pixel sizes.

Jul 10

Thoughts on designing for iPad

San Fransisco designer Derek Powazek did some hands-on work for iPad and posted his thoughts on his blog. Many of his observations may be self-explanatory yet easily overlooked by designers not familiar with this novel tap’n'swipe interface. A must-read for anyone interested in designing for touch based devices.

For further insight go and read: